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**We are excited to announce that our office is now open for all treatments and procedures, and that we’re taking additional special measures to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff. We’re can't wait to see you!**

Patient Testimonials of our Robinson Township Office - Robinson Township Smiles

We’re so honored by the kind words of our patients. Read on to learn more about what actual Robinson Township Smiles patients are saying!

Ease of Appointments

"I like the ease of appointments. I broke a tooth on my birthday and called them on a Sunday and they were very willing to get me in ASAP because they knew I was in pain. Another example is when I initially went there I needed a cleaning, they even asked their hygienist to come in a half an hour early because my work schedule, to accommodate me. They are extremely friendly, they just make you feel very, very comfortable." -Deb

Friendly & Knowledgable

Dr. Rupert is very knowledgable and personable, and he explains everything in great detail. Everybody is very friendly and helps out. They were very accommodating on getting everything scheduled for me, too! I think that he does really good work, and he knows what he is talking about. He explains why he’s everything in great detail to make you feel comfortable." -Nick

No Fear Dentistry!

"Well I’ve had issues with dentists in the past, I am a former Navy and government employee, and I quite frankly am terribly petrified of the dentist, and horrible stuff that I’ve had happen with the dentist in the past. My wife and kids have been going there for a while, and I thought I might as well give me a try -I broke a tooth and needed a crown. So I did! I went...It took a lot to get me to go and he was great! I actually had 2 crowns put on and I would recommend him to anybody." - Randy

Refer Us to Family and Friends!

"I recommended him! In fact I know a customer who just went there today because I recommended him! He said Dr. Rupert treated him quite well. He's is a good dentist…I like someone who is friendly and explains the situation to you. Let’s face it most people, they’re a little bit scared of going to the dentist. He explains what he's doing while he's doing it and he is a nice dentist." -Leon

Nice Office with Satisfied Customers

"Dr. Rupert is very friendly and very knowledgable. He’s just a nice guy! Everybody there is real friendly and kind. It's a nice office and I am very satisfied with Dr. Rupert!" - Richard

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