TMJ Therapy in Robinson Township, PA

TMJ Therapy

TMJ/TMD Therapy in Robinson Township


Temporomandibular joint disorder, usually called TMJ, is a serious oral health condition involving the joint that connects your lower jaw and your skull, directly beneath your ear. TMJ can cause a number of issues such as pain and discomfort in the jaw, chronic headaches, clicking and popping when yawning or chewing, and even locking your joint in place. At Robinson Township Smiles, Dr. Rupert offers therapeutic options to treat TMJ.


Understanding TMJ And Its Causes


TMJ can refer to a number of different issues with the temporomandibular joint. The most common causes of TMJ are:

  • Joint overuse and stress – Overuse of the temporomandibular joint can lead to dislocation, inflammation, pain and discomfort. Most commonly, this is caused by teeth grinding (bruxism), which puts a large amount of strain on all of the facial muscles, including the TMJ. However, overuse of the joint (caused by things like excessive chewing of gum or tobacco use) can also cause TMJ issues.
  • Damage from impact injuries – If the TMJ is directly impacted during a traumatic injury like a slip and fall, a hard hit in a contact sport, or a car accident, it could be damaged or displaced, causing a number of uncomfortable symptoms.
  • Arthritis and other inflammatory disorders – If the temporomandibular joint becomes inflamed due to a chronic health condition, this can result in symptoms like radiating pain and headaches.

Sleep Apnea And TMJ – Are They Related?


Recent studies suggest a connection between TMJ and sleep apnea. A study in the Journal of Dental Research indicates that patients who have symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) have a 73% higher rate of TMJ symptoms. However, the link that connects the two is not yet fully understood. If you think you may suffer from TMJ or sleep apnea, call us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation and diagnosis with a dentist in Robinson Township.


Treating TMJ – Understanding Your Options


TMJ treatments vary depending on the root cause of your disorder. For patients with arthritis and other inflammatory disorders, anti-inflammatory medications and corticosteroids can be helpful. Rest, splints, and icing are often used for TMJ caused by overuse and traumatic injuries, and a mouthguard may also be prescribed if you suffer from bruxism, to prevent damage to your jaw and teeth. Surgical intervention is rare, but sometimes necessary in extreme cases of TMJ that are causing jaw locking and significant pain.


Get Help For TMJ at Robinson Township Smiles

Dr. Ryan Rupert can perform a comprehensive oral exam and evaluation to determine the root cause of your TMJ disorder, and to develop a customized treatment plan that will give you relief from pain, pressure, headaches, and other TMJ symptoms. Don’t let TMJ disorder interfere with your day-to-day life. Contact us today for a consultation at (412) 906-4840, or drop by our office at 66 Forest Grove Rd., Coraopolis, Pennsylvania 15108.