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Why is it important to see the dentist every six months?

dental cleaning coraopolis paSeeing the dentist every six months allows us to stay ahead of any potential problems such as gum disease and decay. Dental cleanings remove hard deposits from your teeth, known as calculus or tartar. These hard deposits cannot be removed by brushing or flossing. Six month cleanings allow us to remove these deposits before they have a chance to cause gum disease.

Six month check-ups also allow us to catch decay or cavities before they become large. Small cavities typically do not cause pain, so people are usually unaware that they have them. Finding and fixing cavities while they are small saves you time, money, and the potential pain caused by larger cavities. 

If you need to schedule a dental appointment in Caraopolis, PA, please don't hesitate to call us at  (412) 859-3833. At Robinson Township Smiles, we always welcome new patients with open arms. 

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