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How Is A Temporary Crown Removed? What You Need To Know About Temporaries

December 23, 2020
Posted By: Ryan Rupert

If you’re getting a dental crown from Dr. Ryan Rupert at Robinson Township Smiles, you’ll need to wear a temporary crown for a few weeks while we work with a dental lab to build your permanent porcelain crown.


Wondering how this crown will be removed? Got other questions about temporary crowns? We’ll answer your questions in this blog from Robinson Township Smiles


How Is A Temporary Crown Removed?


Temporary crowns are designed to be easily removed, so they are made out of a tough but flexible type of dental resin (plastic). They also use a relatively weak adhesive that does not bond very strongly to your tooth, which helps make them easy to remove.


When it’s time to get your permanent crown, Dr. Ryan Rupert will use a special dental tool that fits around the crown, and will wiggle it slightly to break the seal of the adhesive. Then, he’ll just grab the crown and pull it off of the tooth once it’s been loosened sufficiently. You won’t feel any pain or discomfort during this process. 


Why Do I Need A Temporary Crown? 


Temporary crowns are required because we work with an outside dental lab to build permanent porcelain crowns. After your tooth has been trimmed and prepared, Dr. Rupert will send molds, images, and information about your mouth to the lab, and they’ll start building your crown ASAP.


However, it still usually takes a few weeks to send this information, build the crown, and have it sent back to our office. In the meantime, you will need to wear a temporary crown. This is because your crown preparation procedure may have reduced the size of your tooth by up to 80%. This weakens the tooth and makes it more sensitive.


A temporary crown covers up the trimmed tooth, keeps it safe from damage, and ensures your smile looks and feels natural. Once your permanent crown arrives at our office, you’ll come in for an appointment to have your temporary crown removed, and then you’ll get your permanent crown. 


Do I Need To Do Anything Special To Care For My Temporary Crown?


There are a few steps and precautions that we recommend you take. First, try to avoid chewing very tough, hard, or sticky foods on the side of your mouth with your temporary crown. It’s durable, but as mentioned previously, it’s not attached as securely as a permanent crown would be. Overusing it and chewing on it too much could cause it to come loose or fall out, which will require a visit to our office to reattach it.


You can brush normally and should brush at least 2-3 times a day. However, when flossing, be careful to not pull up on the floss when you’re flossing around the temporary crown. This could dislodge it. Instead, remove the floss by pulling it out from the side of the crown. 


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