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Is Smile Direct Club Safe?

November 17, 2021
Posted By: Ryan Rupert

If you are interested in aligning your teeth, your research has likely come across Smile Direct Club.


It’s a company that makes it possible to straighten your teeth at home with a personalized kit. People who use this kit are not required to visit an orthodontist the same way people with braces or Invisalign would, but they are routinely checked by a dental health professional.


The benefits of Smile Direct Club can be quite promising. But is it safe?


How Smile Direct Club Works


With Smile Direct Club, you do not have to see an orthodontist to get your teeth straightened. Smile Direct Club will scan your mouth and provide a personalized at-home kit with clear aligners that will slowly move your teeth into a different position.


If you don’t live next to one of their offices, they will send you a kit to your home to take a 3D-mold of your teeth. A dentist that works with them reviews your images or mold and predicts the best placement for your teeth, and then the aligner is created.


While you will not have to physically go to their office for check-ups, your progress will be monitored remotely by a dentist. 


Is It Safe?


Smile Direct Club does try to take as many precautions as they can to ensure their clients have a good experience with these services. For instance, they have a screening process in the beginning, so it is possible to not qualify for Smile Direct Club if your teeth alignment issues are extensive.


However, there are some risks to consider with Smile Direct Club:


  • Lack of Supervision - Though you will have remote checks with their dentist, Smile Direct Club users don’t have to physically see a dentist to have a more thorough inspection of their teeth, which means your progress isn’t as closely monitored here as it is when you work with an orthodontist.


  • Not Accounting for Other Dental Needs - If you go to an orthodontist, they will first inspect your oral health and address any needs you have before you get braces or aligners. This can include cavities, root canals, and even the need to remove a tooth if the jaw is too crowded. While Smile Direct Club encourages their clients to see their dentist before and during treatments, they do not provide these services themselves;


  • Improper Course of Action - Your alignment problems might be too extensive for Smile Direct Club to solve, which is usually reserved for clients with mild tooth alignment issues looking to improve the look of their teeth.


Robinson Township Smiles’ Stance on Smile Direct Club


At Robinson Township Smiles, we recommend you weigh your options carefully and base your decision on more than cost and convenience.

We encourage you to book an appointment with Dr. Ryan Rupert now to find out what are your best options to align your teeth.

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