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National Wine Day: Have a Glass and Celebrate with a Whitening

May 23, 2019
Posted By: Ryan Rupert

This year, National Wine Day is on May 25, and the team at Robinson Township Smiles will be celebrating with a glass of our favorite red wine! But if you’re a big fan of red wine, you may notice that a stained smile can be an unfortunate side effect of regular consumption.


Our team wants to keep you informed about the many effects our daily habits have on our teeth, so here are a few tips to avoid a purple-tinted smile:


Why Does Wine Stain Your Teeth?


There are two different kinds of tooth stains caused by drinking red wine. The first is temporary and caused by the pigments sticking to the transparent plaque that is present in our mouths.


If you have plaque buildup on your teeth, you may notice your smile looks red after you drink red wine. This can be prevented by cleaning your teeth properly to remove plaque buildup, which makes it more difficult for red wine pigments to stick to your teeth.


However, wine is also acidic. This acid, combined with the dark red pigments in red wine, can stain your smile permanently because of the pigments that bond to the porous surface of your enamel.


Tips for Preventing Wine Stains on Your Teeth


You could always consider switching to white wines! But we know some people love their reds too much to give them up, so if this is the case, it’s a good idea to brush your teeth before you have a glass of red wine to help remove plaque and ensure your teeth are healthy and strong.


In addition, rinse your mouth out after you drink wine to keep the pigments from sitting on your teeth too long. You can use mouthwash or just drink a glass of water. Eating a snack or a meal while drinking wine is also a good idea. Eating fibrous foods like celery or vegetables, or cheese and crackers, can help stimulate saliva production and scrub away red wine pigments, preventing them from sitting on your teeth and staining them.

Teeth Whitening: The Best Way to Remove Wine Stains!

Even if you follow all of our tips for avoiding stains, you may find your teeth are still somewhat discolored due to the natural aging process. And that’s okay! At Robinson Township Smiles, Dr. Rupert can remove stains with professional-grade whitening treatments.

Teeth whitening uses volatile peroxides that react strongly to surface stains on your teeth. The peroxide breaks the molecular bonds that hold stains to your enamel. In turn, this “bleaches” your teeth and restores their natural color. Enjoy a glass of your favorite red wine on May 25, and consider coming into Robinson Township Smiles to get rid of your tooth stains and restore your smile!

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