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How To Handle A Loose Tooth – What You Need To Know

August 12, 2021
Posted By: Ryan Rupert

Do you have a loose tooth in Robinson Township? Or are you not sure what to do if your child has a loose tooth? In this blog from Robinson Township Smiles, we’ll look at how to handle both situations, and ensure you get the care you need. Learn more below! 


How To Handle A Loose Baby Tooth


The answer is simple. Don’t do anything! Assuming that your child has not been hit in the mouth and had their tooth loosened by dental trauma, a loose baby tooth is nothing to worry about.


Their baby tooth is simply ready to fall out and be replaced with an adult tooth. So don’t worry about seeing the dentist. And don’t try to pull it out early, either. Just let nature take its course. As your child messes with the tooth and it continues to loosen, it will eventually fall out. 


How To Handle A Loose Adult Tooth 


Baby teeth are supposed to come loose. Adult teeth are not. Usually, loose adult teeth are either caused by dental trauma, like a blow to the face, or by extensive gum disease. Either way, a loose adult tooth is an emergency. Here’s what to do.


  1. Call Robinson Township Smiles for help – A loose adult tooth, no matter the reason, is a dental emergency. Call us at (412) 859-3833 to get a same-day appointment and get help immediately.

  2. Do not move your tooth or touch it – Avoid poking the tooth or moving it with your tongue. If you need to eat a meal before you come to our office, chew on the opposite side of your mouth or eat liquid foods like yogurt to avoid loosening the tooth further.

  3. Come to our office ASAP – You can’t treat a loose tooth on your own. The best thing to do is to come to Robinson Township Smiles to get the care you need to re-attach the tooth.


How Are Loose Adult Teeth Treated? 


This depends on the cause of the loose tooth. Here are a few different things that may be done to secure and save your tooth.


  • Tooth splinting – This may be used if your tooth has been knocked loose by dental trauma. The tooth will be splinted and attached to the nearby healthy teeth to keep it in place, and allow it to heal and re-attach to your mouth.

  • Scaling & root planing – Scaling & root planing (deep cleaning) for gum disease can help reverse and treat gum disease. Along with medicated rinses and lifestyle changes, proper periodontal care can help prevent tooth loosening and tooth loss due to gum disease.

  • Bone or gum grafts – For extensive injuries or gum disease, bone or gum grafts may be required to rebuild the jaw bone and gums near the affected area, and ensure the tooth can be secured in place properly.


Know What To Do For A Loose Tooth – And Get Help If Your Tooth Is Loose! 

While loose teeth in kids are nothing to worry about, a loose tooth in an adult is a dental emergency. So if your tooth feels loose, contact Robinson Township Smiles now at (412) 859-3833. Dr. Rupert and our dental team are standing by to provide the same-day care you need to save your tooth.

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