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Elements of a Dental Cleaning

December 6, 2016
Posted By: Robinson Township Smiles
Dental Cleaning | Coraopolis PA

If it is time for your next cleaning and you are in the Coraopolis, PA area, we are happy to let you know that we currently accept new patients! Missing too many dental cleanings in a row can seriously put your oral health at risk by encouraging dental conditions such as gum disease and decay.

A professional dental cleaning is much more than just a regular polish. Our skilled dental hygienists remove the tartar in between your teeth and just beneath your gums where your toothbrush cannot reach. They will then polish your teeth, floss them, and leave you with a fresh, clean smile. This is a good opportunity to ask any questions about how to take care of your teeth at home.

Your hygienist will also examine the health of your gums with a periodontal evaluation. You have probably heard numbers like one, two, and three while your hygienist examines your gums. What we are measuring is the space between your teeth and gums. Healthy gums are tight against your teeth. If you suffer from gum disease, pockets will form that collect food particles and bacteria. Numbers above three during your periodontal exam will indicate that you have gum disease.

We also look for areas of gum recession – or shrinking gums. Oftentimes this is due to a misaligned bite, clenching or grinding, and also infection. Recession can be treated with gum surgery if your gums recede too far. We can also prevent continued recession by providing proper treatment - a nightguard, orthodontics, or other recommendations.

An exam of your head, neck, and jaw joints accompany your dental cleaning. Your hygienist will check your thyroid gland and feel your neck, jaw, and throat for any cysts or tumors in addition to an oral cancer screening.

Finally, we periodically take dental x-rays to screen for common dental conditions like decay. This is an important aspect of your dental cleaning appointment and will give our dentist an opportunity to make sure your smile is healthy!

For your next dental cleaning in Coraopolis, PA, just give us a call! We look forward to welcoming you into Robinson Township Smiles.

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