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How to for Caring for Your Porcelain Veneers

November 22, 2019
Posted By: Ryan Rupert

Whether you’ve already gotten your porcelain veneers from Robinson Township Smiles and want to know how to make sure they last, or you’re just curious to learn more about this cosmetic procedure, we’re here to help. The team at Robinson Township Smiles is always happy to discuss how to best care for your porcelain veneers and help you understand how you can keep your new smile bright for years to come. 


1. Maintain Good Oral Hygiene: See Us for Regular Cleanings 


It is important to make sure you brush at least twice per day for two minutes and floss once per day. If you do not take proper care of your teeth, you could develop cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues that could damage your veneers.

In addition, come to see Dr. Rupert or Dr. Czech for a check-up and teeth cleaning every six months. Doing so will help ensure your mouth is healthy. During your visit, we’ll remove plaque and tartar from your teeth to keep your smile bright. 

2. Avoid Chewing Hard Foods & Non-Food Objects with Veneers


Don’t chew ice, hard nuts like almonds, and other such foods with your veneers. These kinds of very hard foods should be chewed with your molars, which have a larger surface area and are less prone to damage. 


In addition, try to avoid chewing non-food objects. Chewing fingernails, pens and pencils, and other such objects with your veneers may subject them to excessive strain, resulting in cracks, damage, or dislodging of a veneer.

3. Don’t Use Your Teeth as Tools

If you have a habit of using your teeth to tear open packages, cut tape, and do other such things, you’ll need to break that habit. Your veneers are not meant to be used in this way. Using your teeth as tools can damage your veneers and your natural teeth, too. 

4. Stop Smoking and Using Tobacco Products 

If you have veneers and you still smoke or use tobacco products (chewing tobacco, snus, etc.) it is crucial that you stop right away. Tobacco use will not stain your veneers, because porcelain is stain-resistant. However, it can still stain the enamel of your other teeth, and the bonding material used to hold your veneers onto your teeth, which will discolor your new smile.

In addition, tobacco use is associated with a higher risk of dental complications like tooth decay and gum disease. For both your dental health and overall health, make an effort to stop using tobacco products immediately. 

5. Address Teeth Grinding with a Nightguard 

If you clench and grind your teeth with veneers, this can damage or dislodge them. It will also put more strain on your natural teeth, and can result in premature wear and tear. For this reason, it is important to get a nightguard from Dr. Rupert or Dr. Czech if you grind your teeth. Nightguards prevent tooth-to-tooth contact during grinding, protecting your teeth and your veneers.

Interested in Veneers? Contact Us Right Away! 


Veneers are a great way to improve the appearance of your smile for years to come with proper care. If you’re still exploring cosmetic dentistry, our doctors are here to help. At Robinson Township Smiles, we specialize in cosmetic dentistry for patients in Franklin, Birmingham, and Lynnfield Hill. To learn more and schedule a cosmetic consultation, just contact us at (248) 885-8247, or stop by our office at 32100 Telegraph Road, Suite 195, Bingham Farms, MI 48025.

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